London with Littles

travel is truly a treat

Last Fall, we had a magical few weeks with our children in London. After much thought, my husband and I determined they (then ages 7, 5, and 3) could handle a long international trip like this one and London ended up being the perfect destination. 

While being a beautiful, vibrant city for adults (my favorite, in fact),  London is also lovely with littles. From crayons available at beautiful restaurants to the most magical playgrounds sprinkled throughout the city, children are truly valued there. And when those little legs get too tired from walking, the city is also so easy to get around with a family as the cabs are perfect for 5 -6 people (even with a stroller in tow). 

We stayed put in the city for just over 2 weeks and that worked very well with our children’s ages as it allowed us to explore everything we wanted to, but not feel like we had to pack in a million things each day. Renting a home with plenty of space also worked in our favor, and I truly recommend One Fine Stay for this. 

With regards to what to EAT, SEE, DO, & SHOP – I was fortunate to get some wonderful recommendations from dear friends and here were a few of our favorites suitable for children … 

EAT – Thomas Cubbit Pub (chic vibe, fab espresso martini for mom & great kids menu), Sally Clarke’s Bakery (for a delicious pastry & coffee), Cinquecento (don’t miss the bunny shaped pizza), and Peggy Porschen (for a treat) 

SEE – Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace (go early to watch them beforehand at the Wellington Barracks for a less crowded front row view), Kensington Palace, and the swans in Kensington Gardens 

DO – Never underestimate the power of the playground! Our most frequented were Princess Diana Playground and St. James Park Playground (with a beautiful view of Buckingham Place). Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason, Natural History Museum (complete with carousel & ice skating out front in the winter), and Petersham Nurseries (stay for a gorgeous lunch)

SHOP – Hamley’s Toy Store (maybe the Fisher children’s favorite part of London), and so many impeccable children’s clothing shops a few of my personal favorites include La Coqueta, Pepa & Co, Amaia, and Papouelli shoes. 

Of course, I must caveat all of this with a mention that everything was certainly not perfect or easy (as travel with children goes) … there was also jet lag, melt downs, a lost wallet, and covid tests. But, the memories made are ones that will last a lifetime. Travel is truly a treat and something I am forever grateful for. 


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